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Heirloom Romney Yarn

Fancy Tiger Craft's Heirloom Romney Yarn

We are thrilled to announce our first yarn! Heirloom Romney is milled and dyed in the US by Jeane deCoster of Elemental Affects for Fancy Tiger Crafts. US raised, milled, and dyed, Heirloom comes in 22 hand-picked hues. The modern palette is overdyed on natural heather grey Romney wool. Romney sheep, descendents of English medieval longwool breeds, produce an abundance of lustrous, hardworking wool with a long staple length. It is perfect for warm and sturdy items that will hold up to wear. Heirloom's rustic texture will look great for years to come. Heirloom is a worsted weight wool yarn available in 4 oz hanks approx. 200 yards each. If you don't live in Denver, buy your Heirloom yarn here or check at your LYS.
Click here to download a free pattern for our Heirloom Chevron Throw by Jocelyn Tunney