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pjoning mittens

Lost Crafts: Bosnian Crochet $35

Welcome to the Lost Crafts series at Fancy Tiger Crafts. This is where we bring you an olde craft that is on the verge of extinction in order to educate, promote, and give life to these amazing techniques. Bosnian Crochet (also called pjoning, patning, and krokverkning) is a technique of making fabric used by the people of Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, and the Balkans. You will make a cute and warm pair of mittens while learning the oldest and most wide-spread method of crochet around.
Requires 175 yds chunky yarn and size "M" crochet or Pjoning hook. Must have basic knitting or crochet experience.

Two 2 hour class sessions
Saturdays, January 18th and 25th, 10am - 12pm